Server Status & Player Count

Since server is new its expected to be empty. 
There is no shame in that.
People use dirty tricks like not showing player count on website making it harder for player to know how many players are there.
They login, press "O"  Realise its empty and leave never to come back. 
Or even worse   with Bot players to mask how empty server actually is.
(Ugh getting shivers)

Not gonna do that.
So far honesty has brought me noting beside trouble in life but it's just…

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HC mode

To entice people to play with HC mode decided to make reward system.
This is completly optional. 
Beside braging rights in game with Addon it self and achievements.
First 10 people whom reaches lvl 60 with out dying gets 2 rewards:

1) 50.000 gold.
2) Legendary flying mount unobtainable in game.
3) Reserver if I find something nice later.

[Click here to read community rules]

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Trippel XP weekend!

Dear players,

There have been some challenges and frustrations over the past few days due to unexpected database issues. I  sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused but you live you learn right?

To show my appreciation for your patience and support, will host "Triple Experience Weekend" event! This weekend rates

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Fucked up whole database. 
Feels good.... 
Learned valuable lesson here....

Created daily automated beckup.
"When you get your self burned on stove  you become afraid of matches"

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